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My name is Dmitry Shafeyev and I am glad to welcome you on my web-site dedicated to different types of massage.

Some interesting facts about massage

Massage therapy has a long history in cultures around the world. The first references to this way of treating date back to the III-IV centuries B.C. The indisputable evidence proves that ancient people of the Pacific were acquainted with it. At the same time, massage therapy such as rubbing, muscles stretching, stroking and effleurage was developing all over the world. More than 4000 years ago this ancient system of common or local effect was spread in Ancient China, India, Greece and Persia. Moreover, only clergymen were committed to massaging others. In China in specialized medical schools a discipline apart which taught some rules and ways of massaging existed. Thus, we can be sure that ancient people took advantage of massage for the purposes of healing and recreation. In spite of all these facts, in our country (as many other countries in the world) people did not want to admit massage as a scientific way of treating and various diseases prevention.

Nowadays, magic medical effect of massage has finally won the recognition and is largely used in many countries of the world as a general tonic procedure. Even in Russia today only few people will be surprised to hear such words as “Thai massage” or “Stone therapy”.

Massage at home

I`m glad to offer different types of massage at home to my clients in Saint-Petersburg and in GOA:

  • massage for children;
  • classic massage of different parts of the body (neck, feet, arm, head, face);
  • segmentary-reflex and acupressure massage;
  • sports massage;
  • Thai and Ayurvedic massage;
  • Bagua and honey massage

Classic massage

Classic massage differs in its intensity and duration. It comprises of different ways to affect the body, including petrissage, effleurage, rubbing, vibration, patting and other methods. Such a technique improves blood circulation, warms up muscles, removes edemas, strengthens ligaments and joints.

Massage for children

If you want to understand how to massage your child properly, but you do not have necessary knowledge, put yourself in hands of the experienced professional masseur. I offer help to parents teaching basic methods and techniques of children massage for you to be able to carry out short sessions for your child by yourself. Difficult cases, such as orthopedic and neurological disorders, require more than one massage session at home. Children under one year should be massaged very carefully and preferably under the care of a physician. Frequency and duration of medical procedures depend on each specific case.

Magic effect of massage at home

It is noted that a patient has more favorable effect from body work when he or she does not hurry, is relaxed, disposed towards the best and surrounded by comfortable and usual ambience of his or her own apartment. These details increase a positive influence of massage. Moreover, you save your precious time.

Professional experience

A certified massage therapist with nine years of work experience. Since 2005 I have been carrying out individual massage sessions at home. Some years ago I started to massage people in Saint-Petersburg and outside Russia. For six months I was taught indian spa and Ayurvedic massage in the Center of yoga and Ayurveda, Sri Ayurveda, Rishikesh, India.

I had a rewarding work experience in the Rehabilitation of the Child, center of G.N.Romanov in Saint-Petersburg. I am qualified to perform individual medical and prophylactic massage to children and babies under one year. Medical massage for children is aimed to rehabilitate functions of a young organism. In case of ICP and other disorders of central nervous system and muscle tissue a child is to be massaged for some weeks according to an individual schedule.


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